Martin Lawrence Trivia
  1. Was in a coma after being exposed to long hours of heat while jogging to loose weight for his movie "Big Momma's House" (2000) and declared that he was going towards a straight life after recovering.

  2. Had an interview with Fox News entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy about his problem with marijuana in 1996 but the tape was not released in the end.

  3. His salary increased steadily from "Nothing to Lose" (1997) at $6,000,000 to "Black Knight" (2001) at $16,500,000 to "Bad Boys 2" (2003) at $20,000,000.

  4. Patricia Southall, his former wife, was Miss Virginia.

  5. His ex-fiancee, actress Lark Voorhies, played in "Saved by the Bell" (1989) as Lisa Turtle.

  6. Is known for his "Wassup!" term and his karate moves in his films.

  7. Quite proficient in boxing when he was young and became a boxing contender in Mid-Atlantic Golden Gloves.

  8. His on screen characters are often thief or cop, sometimes both.

  9. His mother was in her 40s when she had him.

  10. Was involved in a fight outside a Hollywood nightclub in 1997 and was sentenced to a community service afterwards.

  11. Was reunited with his ex-co-worker Kid 'N' Play in the movie "House Party" (1990).

  12. Carried a loaded weapon in his suitcase at Burbank Airport in 1996 and was arrested immediately.

  13. Worked in a gas pump station and robbed at gunpoint when he was young.