Jack Black Biography

Marked for his expressive performance he consistently displays along with his high-energy outrageous antics also heavyset frame, Jack Black certainly has created such a unique characteristic of his own that makes him easily noticeable from other substantial comedic actors in Hollywood film industry. Enjoys performing since his early age, Jack, whose real name is Thomas Jack Black, was born on August 28, 1969 in Hermosa Beach, California as the only son of satellite engineers Thomas Jack Black, Sr. and Judith Cohen who both sadly concluded to have a divorce by the time he turned ten years old. Leaving under his mother's care, the kid then was taken to settle in the country's western part of Culver City where he grew up in a middle-class Jewish household and briefly attended Culver City High School before transferred his study to Crossroads High School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica.

Upon convinced that he really could act, Jack thus decided to take theater major at UCLA following his high-school graduation while also enthusiastically honed his craft in Tim Robbins' experimental theater group, the Actors' Gang, which brought him to encounter his initial professional acting experience in its stage production of "Carnage" (1989) directed by Robbins himself. This collaboration with the older man delightfully extended into film feature when the veteran thespian included him in his "Bob Roberts" (1992) and so gave the dark-haired guy enough optimism to build his path in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, it later appeared to him that the road ahead was indeed rough to undergo as he only managed to earn bit parts in numerous major big screen projects of 1990s, like "Demolition Man" (1993), "Waterworld" (1995), plus "Enemy of the State" (1998) though he was actually able to land bigger ones in small-scale features, such as "Crossworlds" (1996) and "Johnny Skidmarks" (1998).

It was not until Jack was snagged along by fellow Actors' Gang member John Cusack to appear in his 2000 movie of "High Fidelity" that the funnyman ultimately could embrace the vast recognition he long deserved to receive. Brilliantly portraying an obnoxious record store clerk named Barry in this enjoyable rom-com flick, he consequently was showered with critical praise which unquestionably propelled his name to national attention and thereby led him to more prominent roles as seen in his 2001 movies of "Saving Silverman" also "Shallow Hal." This flourishing status grew even bigger when he superbly delivered a memorable performance in Richard Linklater's "The School of Rock" (2003), prompting the Hollywood Foreign Press to eagerly bestow him the Golden Globes nomination of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy category a year later.

Afterwards joined the high profile cast of "Envy" (2004) and "King Kong" (2005), Jack really had no difficulty to continue his path in Hollywood as series of promising film features have already been secured in his hand to be carried for the following two years, including those of "Nacho Libre" (2006), "The Holiday" (2006), "Margot at the Wedding" (2007), and "Be Kind, Rewind" (2007). Meanwhile, 2008 would see him appear alongside Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. in "Tropic Thunder" while spotting him voicing for "Kung Fu Panda."

Aside from his career in acting, this brown-eyed actor has also been known to be the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of folk-rock comedy band Tenacious D he has maintained together with Kyle Gass since 1994. Widely noticed for their unusual blend of upbeat classic rock style and comedic lyrics which sometimes can be rather vulgar, the duo have successfully retained their existence in music scene through their works of a self-titled album released in 2001 plus two singles entitled "Tribute" and "Wonderboy" that both came up in 2002. Furthermore, the twosome even had their own film feature, "Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny'" (2006), of which soundtrack "The Pick of Destiny" they also worked on.

As for his love life, Jack once established a long relationship with former SNL member Laura Kightlinger from 1997 to 2005. Upon their split, he then dated American artist Tanya Haden whom he finally married by March 14, 2006 after being engaged for just 2 months and who later on became the mother of their first child, a baby boy named Samuel Jason, born in Los Angeles on June 10th, 2006, adding joy to the happy couple.