Chloe Bennet Biography

Chloe Bennet was born on April 18, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois as Chloe Wang. When she was 15 years old she moved to China with the intention to pursue a singing career. By that time, she changed her last name to Bennet in order to appeal more to western media. There, she studied Mandarin in Shanghai and Beijing before finally releasing her debut single "Uh Oh" in both English and Mandarin. This was followed by "Every Day In Between" solely in English.

Bennet afterwards moved to Los Angeles, California where she landed acting jobs. She made her first on-screen appearance as a host for the short-lived TeenNick summer dance series "The Nightlife". She, moreover, appeared in the music video of South Korean band BIGBANG's "Tonight". By 2012, she secured a recurring supporting role in the ABC drama series "Nashville" as Hailey.

By 2013, Bennet was recruited as one of the main cast on ABC's hit series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.". She portrayed the role of Skye, a "hacktivist" member of the secret organization The Rising Tide, who is recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. It was the character that became her breakout role and she has since become famous.