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Queen of Carthage Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Queen of Carthage

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Queen of Carthage Poster
Queen of Carthage

Release Date :

September 01, 2015 VOD

Studio :

ARC Entertainment

Director :

Mardana M. Mayginnes

Starring :

Shiloh Fernandez, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Graham Candy, Amanda Tito

A young American (Fernandez) flees from a traumatic relationship with his sister and travels to Auckland, New Zealand in search of a better life.

By chance, he watches a singer, Graham, perform at a cafe, and instantly falls in love with him. Unfortunately for Amos, Graham's girlfriend, Simi (Castle-Hughes), perceives him as a threat.

Faced with the prospect of returning to his old traumatic relationship, Amos takes extreme measures to ensure that his relationship with Graham is permanent.


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