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Miss Julie International Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Miss Julie

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Miss Julie Poster
Miss Julie

Release Date :

December 05, 2014 Limited

Studio :

Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Director :

Liv Ullmann

Starring :

Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Nora McMenamy

Taking place at a large country estate in Britain over the course of one 1880s midsummer night, Miss Julie explores the brutal, flirtatious power struggle between Julie and John - a young aristocratic woman and her father's valet.

She is all hauteur longing for abasement; he, polished but coarse. The two of them held together by mutual loathing and attraction. At turns seductive and tender, savage and bullying, their story builds inevitably to a mad, impulsive tryst. Plans are made in desperation, a vision of a life together - unsure if the morning light then brings hope or hopelessness, Julie and John find their escape in an act that is as sublime and horrific as anything in Greek tragedy.

Liv Ullman's Miss Julie will skillfully weave this great original story of the battle between the sexes and the classes.


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