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Into the Grizzly Maze Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Into the Grizzly Maze

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Into the Grizzly Maze Poster
Into the Grizzly Maze

Release Date :

June 26, 2015 Limited

Studio :

Vertical Entertainment

Director :

David Hackl

Starring :

James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo

This action-packed adventure set in the Alaskan wilderness stars James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo and Billy Bob Thornton, and follows a deputy (Jane) whose family's mission to protect the endangered grizzly bear is challenged when a massive grizzly begins wreaking havoc on a small town.

With the bear on the offensive, he sets out into the forest to find his ecologist wife that has GONE missing when he crosses paths with his estranged brother (Marsden) and quickly they find themselves on a run for their lives from the massive beast out to hunt them down.


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