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The Ganzfeld Haunting Trailer

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A clip/trailer of The Ganzfeld Haunting

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The Ganzfeld Haunting Poster
The Ganzfeld Haunting

Release Date :

February 18, 2014 DVD

Studio :

Screen Media Films

Director :

Michael Oblowitz

Starring :

Dominic Purcell, Billy Zane, Rumer Willis, Taylor Cole

Set out to prove that thoughts can be transmitted psychically, a group of hard-partying students mistakenly unearth a grisly series of murders from their forgotten youth. As ghosts from the past become increasingly violent, the students must solve a 20-year-old crime before they are driven insane - or become murder victims themselves. Terrifying and captivating, The Ganzfeld Haunting is a head trip that will keep you up at night!


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