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All the Light in the Sky Trailer

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A clip/trailer of All the Light in the Sky

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All the Light in the Sky Poster
All the Light in the Sky

Release Date :

December 20, 2013 Limited

Studio :

Factory 25

Director :

Joe Swanberg

Starring :

Jane Adams, Sophia Takal, Kent Osborne, Larry Fessenden

Marie, a well-respected actress in her mid-40s, wonders what her life and career hold for her next. She enjoys the freedom that life without a husband or children provides, but as her acting work slows down she's not sure what will fill the gap. She is researching the role of a solar engineer for an upcoming film and pondering the future of the planet when a visit from her 25-year-old niece forces her to reflect on aging in Hollywood and her relationships with men.


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