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A Dark Truth Clip 'You Alright?'

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A clip/trailer of A Dark Truth

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A Dark Truth Poster
A Dark Truth

Release Date :

January 04, 2013 Limited

Studio :

Magnolia Pictures

Director :

Damian Lee

Starring :

Andy Garcia, Kim Coates, Forest Whitaker, Eva Longoria

Andy Garcia, Kim Coates, Deborah Kara Unger, Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker star in A Dark Truth, written and directed by Damian Lee. Garcia plays a former CIA operative turned political talk show host, who is hired by a corporate whistle blower (Unger) to expose her company's cover-up of a massacre in a South American village. When he arrives, he is plunged into a violent and chaotic situation, with the military cracking down on a group of protesters led by a pair of activists (Longoria and Whitaker). The ever-increasing depletion of earth's natural resource of water serves as the backdrop for this tense environmental thriller.


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