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All Superheroes Must Die Teaser

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A clip/trailer of All Superheroes Must Die

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All Superheroes Must Die Poster
All Superheroes Must Die

Release Date :

January 04, 2013 Limited

Studio :

Image Entertainment

Director :

Jason Trost

Starring :

Jason Trost, Lucas Till, James Remar, Sophie Merkley

The film follows four masked avengers - Charge (Trost), Cutthroat (Till), The Wall (Valmassy) and Shadow (Merkley) - who find themselves stripped of their powers by their arch-nemesis (Remar), whom they defeated years earlier...or so they thought. When the sinister mastermind puts the heroes through a series of brutal challenges that are virtually impossible to overcome, they must battle the clock - and even each other - in a race to stop a deadly countdown that could mean total destruction. Will the superheroes prevail, or will they be forced to meet their demise as mere human beings?


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