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Bad Hair Day Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Bad Hair Day

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Bad Hair Day Poster
Bad Hair Day

Release Date :

February 13, 2015 TV Premiere

Studio :

Disney Channel

Director :

Erik Canuel

Starring :

Laura Marano, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Christian Campbell, Nathaly Thibault

A comedic buddy adventure about a high school tech whiz who's bound and determined to be crowned prom queen. But, on the big day, everything that can go wrong does go wrong, starting with her sudden and epically uncontrollable hair and her once lovely but now destroyed prom dress. She soon comes to rely on a down on her luck cop (Baker) who's in pursuit of a missing necklace that the teen unwittingly has in her possession. Prom day goes from bad to mad as the pair is pursued by a dogged jewel thief (Christian Campbell) on a wild ride across the city.


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