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LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It

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I like it...

posted by ilies on Dec 19, 2011

this is gud for the kids they can laugh.if i had kids i let them watch it cuz' it's so funny!!!

posted by sluj on Dec 19, 2011

your great&buty song do not matter kid gril .i like it

posted by lmfao on Nov 12, 2011

Im a 12 year old girl and i think this is fucking funny!

posted by Gir on Oct 27, 2011

you are great very gud song it does not matter about the kids lol Like your afro hair cool how did you get it so frizzy

posted by Bob on Oct 27, 2011

this is very bad for the kids when my children was watching the uk hot 40 it scared the life out of them

posted by Windows on Oct 27, 2011