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Too Big to Fail Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Too Big to Fail

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Too Big to Fail Poster
Too Big to Fail

Release Date :

May 23, 2011 TV Premiere

Studio :

HBO Films

Director :

Curtis Hanson

Starring :

William Hurt, Paul Giamatti, Matthew Modine, Edward Asner

Based on the bestselling book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, "Too Big to Fail" offers an intimate look at the epochal Wall Street financial crisis of 2008 and explores the inner sanctum of the powerful men and women who decided the fate of the world's economy in a matter of a few weeks. Centering on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the film goes behind closed doors to examine the symbiotic relationship between Wall Street and Washington.


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dwayne bonello i love this movie and i love the trailer of this movie and i love the clips and i will see i over and over again and i will give 5stars!

posted by dwayne bonello on Oct 31, 2012