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Marsha Ambrosius - Far Away

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Deep & empowering.

posted by Starr on Jan 28, 2011

This is an amazing video. Courageous. We, as a people, are finally opening up our minds and our hearts to include the community of family. Who cares who you sleep with, all that matters is that you respect yourself and others. Good job Marsha

posted by All Good on Jan 11, 2011

deep. thumbs up!!

posted by demoiselle on Jan 06, 2011

I love this and so real. The video is so well done, definitely an empowering message here. I can't wait for the entire project to be released.

posted by presfair on Jan 06, 2011

Wow...this video is touching. It's sad that we even need to educate and ask that prevention be spoken of. I wish the world would just grow up and accept everyone for who they are.

posted by Deanna on Jan 05, 2011

Smooth, the lyrics delicately flow with ease. A deep message with purpose and humility. Wake up world..love is not selective..

posted by KeithKNOWS on Jan 05, 2011

I love this video... it gave me a new meaning to the song and i love Marsha... can't wait for the album on 2/22

posted by latePM_earlyAM on Jan 05, 2011

Im feeling the concept and the message. We need more songs and videos like this I love you Marsha keep your head up sorry about your friend.

posted by Jakayjay on Jan 05, 2011

This song is incredible by itself. Put it in this video...Marsha may even be lining herself up for an acting career she is amazing.!

posted by AndyJ17 on Jan 05, 2011

Children are innocent...

posted by Drew on Jan 05, 2011

Deep, Dope

posted by Pony on Jan 05, 2011

Why didn't the children respond with hatred and sneering? Why do children treat PEOPLE better than adults? Who is really more humane, intelligent or demonstrative of God's love than children?

posted by Luis on Jan 05, 2011