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Crystal Bowersox - Farmer's Daughter

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lots of soul @ awesome vocals, I almst cry everytime I hear this video

posted by chazman on Feb 16, 2011

I Think You Are The Best Artish That Come Along In Years. I Told My Wife When Ever You Put Out Your First CD I Was Going To Rust Out Buy It I Will Purchase Ever CD From Now On That You Record I Thought You Shold Have Won But It Dont Matter You Are Still The Best I Would Like TO Have A CD Of Just The Songs You Sang ON American Idol I Will Be A Fan Always I Love Your Farmers Daughter CD I Cant Pick Just One Song I Love Them All Hurry With A New CD Cant Wait A New Friend From Texas

posted by Bill burge on Jan 10, 2011

im 54 years young and love her songs!Can relate to the mother issue still but it really does work out as we grow.Go Baby girl and kick butt!!!Dont lose yoursel in the spot light!!!But Enjoy it all!!! You deserve it!From Maumee ohio

posted by duchess54 on Jan 10, 2011

Love Her!!!!! She is gorgeous!Voice loke an angel! I love #10 song on her album!!!

posted by suzyq on Jan 10, 2011

She has such an amazing voice, and is such an inspiration.. Rock on MamaSox!

posted by MamaSoxluvr on Dec 23, 2010

Very moving. I thnk this story is not over.

posted by krptonite on Dec 22, 2010

So glad she didn't bend. Beautiful

posted by mommamitten on Dec 20, 2010

Outstanding. So moving. I'm still hearing it and feeling it long after the video ended.

posted by kmicky on Dec 19, 2010

C'ant believe did'nt win Idol

posted by Fan extrem on Dec 19, 2010

Simply amazing !!!

posted by musicman on Dec 17, 2010

WoW!!! Great song and voice!!!

posted by CRG2010 on Dec 17, 2010