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Jackie Evancho - Silent Night

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You are a very beautiful girl and we are the same age and u are amazing at singing!

posted by Terrence on Jul 25, 2013

This lovely child,s voice never ceases to amaze me. what a wonderful talent.

posted by Terry Holton N.Z. on Sep 08, 2011

Una voce eccezzionaòpe veramente possente per una bimba di 10 anni. Complimenti, Stupenda

posted by Beppe-Italy on Dec 06, 2010

I love Jackie's amazing voice, talent, and beauty.

posted by Bruce Do on Dec 06, 2010

She will sound like and look like megastar in 10 years.

posted by Al on Dec 05, 2010

Goosebumps. An absolutely incredible performance. Jackie keeps getting better and better. I wonder what she will sound like and look like in 10 years?

posted by abingo on Dec 03, 2010

A true gift and a wonderful example to the youth of our time. Thank you Jackie for sharing your talent with the world. You are truly extraordinary!

posted by justplay1more on Dec 02, 2010


posted by Al on Dec 02, 2010

i guess i had a bigger meltdown than i suspected. my first comment didn't send. which is a good thing. i am a true jackie fan (the only time i have ever called myself a fan of anyone other than my wife and im 65)I check out every vido.

posted by flaphandle on Dec 02, 2010

God has blessed her with the voice of an angel. I hope she will always give Him glory.

posted by Tina Simmons on Dec 02, 2010

Oops my bad i had an equipment malfunction. for some reason her voice was not picked up properly. sorry mr/mrs producer. i eat my words

posted by flaphandle on Dec 02, 2010

She has a beautiful voice but all the hand movements are very distracting. Has she alway done that or did one of her trainers suggest it?

posted by spotscrazy on Dec 02, 2010

amazing voice!

posted by cj1228101 on Dec 02, 2010

This girl has a career in music if she wants it. She has a beautiful voice.

posted by Brickie on Dec 02, 2010


posted by LIETO70SS on Dec 02, 2010

Please take this angel out of America, before she is exploited by the corporate snakes, waiting to make a profit from her!

posted by Believe in Angels on Dec 02, 2010


posted by Tharnia on Dec 02, 2010

Breathtaking! She is already truly an angel.

posted by glenn on Dec 02, 2010