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Who's Your Monkey? Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Who's Your Monkey?

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Who's Your Monkey? Poster
Who's Your Monkey?

Release Date :

June 10, 2007 CineVegas IFF

Studio :

1 Degree Pictures

Director :

Todd Breau

Starring :

Jason London, Susan May Pratt, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes

In Jacksonville, Florida, four friends since grade school who are now in their early 30s face the challenges of adulthood: Hutto is about to become a father, Laith is intimidated by his girlfriend's sexuality, a grieving Bobby drinks heavily and sleeps on the grave of a girlfriend who's been dead 18 months, and Mark, an OB/GYN who loves his work, can't practice medicine because he can't afford malpractice insurance. Things come to a head when Mark needs his three friends' help after a belligerent animal-abusing pornographer attacks Mark with a gun over something Laith did. A midnight road trip tests friendship: can the guys help each other?


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