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Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

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Awesome Kenny. Awesome. And its epic that everyone have it 5 stars too!

posted by 13YOJRHIGHSCLER on Aug 26, 2011

how many stars? are you kidding me? i watched this thing at least 10 times and cried each time. man is football a great sport and this video and those lyrics do the sport proud. took me right back to 1978. go cougars!!

posted by oldnumber*& on Mar 07, 2011

you give voice to the memories now fading of days of youth, and discovery. An old man really can play again, and feel the adreniline and butterflies. Not just the winning but the joy of training, practice and reward of just playing the game I have love all my days...Bob 65

posted by bobibabi on Jan 29, 2011

This is my favorite song of all time.

posted by Austin on Dec 13, 2010

Wow! you really touched a lot of People with this video!

posted by Carpie on Dec 02, 2010

if you dont rate this five stars, you dont know what awesome is.

posted by WAFFLES on Nov 28, 2010

An awesome video and very inspiring for today's youth...Great Job Kenny

posted by RUKKUS on Nov 19, 2010

an awesome song and video! I think every coach should play this for their boys!! Good Job Kenny

posted by pvieagles on Oct 23, 2010

Kenny did a service to young highschoo" Boys of Fall", by motivating them and to tell them to dream ,play footall, and have fun. I want to give my grandsons coach this video and ask him to play it for them often. I praise Kenny for taking time from his busy life to make the commentment of sharing this video in order to motivate young men to dream big. Thank you, Kenny

posted by The Boys of Fall on Oct 14, 2010

AMAZING SONG AND VIDEO!!! It truly embraces the season of football and the camaraderie these young men are able to experience. My husband, and our 2 son's played youth and high school football, and they have the best memories. I just showed my 19 year old and he got all choked up...says he's going to share it with ALL his football buddies. Time does go by sooo fast. To the boys of fall still playing...enjoy each and every day!

posted by Football Family on Oct 11, 2010

it reminds me of a great team who has one dream one night thats all we hope for the football teams who go out there to show there spirit for there school

posted by team mom on Oct 07, 2010

this is the best video on football i've seen.

posted by crzy abt football on Oct 05, 2010

At ninteen with four children the first at fourteen married at sventeen,your song made the past memories all worth it.Thank you for that.

posted by strange karma on Oct 05, 2010

My coaches show me this video and my a junior so my Fridays nights r coming 2 end soon

posted by Corey ERickson North on Sep 20, 2010


posted by TIDE on Sep 19, 2010

you did good thank you for helping relive great memories!

posted by #53 on Sep 19, 2010

im in 8th grade playing middle school football on thursday but i cant wait til nexy years friday nights go warriors

posted by warriors#65 on Sep 17, 2010

Outstanding. Makes you smile and cry at the seem time. My Freshman son in standing on the sidelines with crutches this year and I almost last it the first few times I heard this song. Thanks, Kenny Go Big Blue CHS Chargers #17

posted by Ken on Sep 17, 2010

My son is 7. This is is first year playing football. His pa-pa who is a Bama fan has cheered him on. I am taking in every pratice and game, I know these years go by fast What a great video !

posted by bama boy on Sep 16, 2010


posted by BANDIT on Sep 11, 2010

Our son has played football since he was eight. He is now a sophomore at Brown and lucky enough to still be playing. He will be the first to say that football has made him who he is! I can't help but to cry every time I see this video. Beautifully done. Thank you for reminding us of the great memories.

posted by AKBABY on Sep 09, 2010

Excellent video! I love football! Thanks kenney this video is awesome and not only sends messages about football but also about life. It touch my heart and brought happy tears and memories.

posted by Bluc0364 on Sep 05, 2010

Great song. Had tears in my eyes watching and listening to this video. I have two sons of mine that played pee wee football and then went on to play H.S. Football. It was the best of times. We all miss those Friday nights. Long Live the Boys Of fall...

posted by Alex on Sep 05, 2010

my son is a senior this year and has played football since he was 5 this video is what his dad and i have been trying to tell him since his freshman year, you will never get it back> Thx, kenny you said it all....

posted by jackets38 on Sep 05, 2010

Thanks for a awesome video--this is not only for guys but for anyone who played school team sport but as a mom of a 15 yr old player who has played since he was 5, I cryed like a baby it really says it all--GO BIG DAWG #67

posted by willeith on Sep 03, 2010

Awesome video! Says it all. There are two kinds of men; those who played football and those who wished they had.

posted by Coach and Dad on Sep 03, 2010

Thank you for this video. It is bringing tears to my heart. My son is a junior and time is going fast... There team has to endure so many obsticals this year as they did last season. Our field needs drainage work and were told no money... Taxpayers are tapped out. We have to pray that it stays dry to have some kind of home game season. These young adults need a MIRACLE. Next year he will be a senior and we will go through the same.. We need a MIRACLE and a very big DREAM for these Boys of Fall...

posted by OLYMPIAN PARENT on Sep 03, 2010

It is my son's Senior Year of Football and this is the most perfect video forthe boys. It says it all!

posted by LindaC on Aug 23, 2010

This is so good love it as a mother of 2 football players u got The boys of fall doesn't get better then that!!Thanks

posted by Leslie C on Aug 23, 2010

I played football my whole life from 3rd grade up to semi-pro, now I coach. My son has played through college and now semi-pro....this video says it all.

posted by sfcjdl33 on Aug 23, 2010

Man, If this video doesn't put a lump in your throat and make you want to suit and bust some heads, there is something wrong!

posted by GJ5050 on Aug 20, 2010

I graduated High School in 1981. They wouldn't let girls play with the pads, only powder puff. I loved the game then, I love it now as a mom of a player and booster club member. Thank you Kenny from one of Footballs #1 fan. Life is Football....

posted by tiggerng on Aug 20, 2010

i played at TN for the vols from 1981-85 then with the Bengals until 1992 got to start in super bowl 23. I have two sons that just graduated from HS. THANKS Johnny Majors for your wisdom. You made me know i could win in life if i worked for it.

posted by carl zander on Aug 18, 2010

amazing... just beautiful! way to go Kenny!! Roll Tide!!!

posted by sbjns02 on Aug 17, 2010

As the mother of a high school senior football player this hits home, it is like watching a video about my son!!!!

posted by FTD on Aug 16, 2010

I have an 8yr old that has been playing for 3yrs already and loves the game! I also have a 10yr old cheerleader. This video is amazing...as are all of Kenn's videos, but this 1 brought tears to my eyes! Looking forward to my children living and learning threw sports. Thanks Kenny! We love you!

posted by Dannis218 on Aug 15, 2010

My son is a Senior this year and I cried through the whole video!!!

posted by kelly_broussard2001 on Aug 14, 2010

gave me goosebumps!!!

posted by lookin4oz1980 on Aug 13, 2010

Excellent video, inspiring speech and beautiful images! This is my new hymn. love the game!

posted by dhlv11 on Aug 12, 2010

My son graduated last yr he played football all 4 yrs of high school. This is the best video ever!

posted by lollieball on Aug 11, 2010

So impressed with this video. As a Mom it makes me realize how valuable football will be to my son for the next 6 years! Go Holt Rams!

posted by QB 1\'s Mom on Aug 11, 2010

I am a High School caoch and this video hit home.

posted by coach g on Aug 11, 2010

Love it, love it, love it! My daughter is a senior this year and has cheered since jr. high. This give me chills!

posted by skb on Aug 11, 2010

This video brought tears to my eyes! One of the best I've ever seen. You just don't know that those school days are the time of your life until they're gone. It's been 10 years since my last Friday night as a cheerleader & the same for my hubby as a football player, football is what brought us together. Now, we have a 5 yr old son & another baby on the way, & I only hope they will have the time of their' lives being kids & playing sports!

posted by c_b on Aug 10, 2010

One of the Best!!

posted by JRam on Aug 10, 2010

It has been 27 years since my last Friday night. It brought back some good memories!

posted by Swine on Aug 10, 2010

I haven't played a down of football for 20 years and i could go crack some heads now.

posted by double r on Aug 09, 2010

Gives me goosebumps!!

posted by biner on Aug 07, 2010


posted by kennys gal on Aug 07, 2010


posted by Football Fan on Aug 06, 2010

Love it!!!!

posted by Bravemom on Aug 04, 2010