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Mother and Child Clip 'I Didn't Realize It Was Just the Two of Us'

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A clip/trailer of Mother and Child

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Mother and Child Poster
Mother and Child

Release Date :

May 07, 2010 Limited

Studio :

Sony Pictures Classics

Director :

Rodrigo Garcia

Starring :

Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson

Three women's lives share a common core: they have all been profoundly affected by adoption. Karen (Annette Bening) had a baby at 14, gave her up at birth, and has been haunted ever since by the daughter she never knew. Elizabeth (Naomi Watts) grew up as an adopted child; she's a bright and ambitious lawyer, but a flinty loner in her personal life. Lucy (Kerry Washington) is just embarking with her husband on the adoption odyssey, looking for a baby to become their own.


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I think this movie will help the adoption community and our issues come to light!

posted by peaches4809 on Apr 27, 2010