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Mary J. Blige - Each Tear (Feat. Jay Sean)

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that song is off the hook it makes ma day each morning i listen to it

posted by baraca on May 26, 2010

i love this song! and jay sean!

posted by Tia on Apr 08, 2010

love the video....sends a great message to people and most important kids......great fan of j sean!!!!!!!!

posted by Rsantos on Apr 04, 2010

heheheheheheehehehehe great song

posted by Ms.KamaljitSinghJhoo on Apr 04, 2010

this is a great song! jay made it even better I loved how cute he looked

posted by Jojo on Apr 04, 2010

Great Video , awsome lyrics . It's send out a very good message to people in love , and Jay Sean is pure sex , damn he is just so yummy , : )

posted by Mrs . Kamaljit Jhoot on Apr 04, 2010

wow dam its gr8 but jay anything with u in it is knoen to be fine

posted by faeeza on Apr 02, 2010

i couldnt watch it......but i already new it...its just amazing.....love it <3 jay sean

posted by naina on Apr 02, 2010

Anything with Jay, just has to be great...

posted by bushra on Apr 02, 2010

nigga be mad good he looks good to ;)

posted by fadi on Apr 01, 2010

absolutely sweet<*o*> <3<3 i seriously fell inluv wit d song... mwazzz!!!

posted by sarah on Apr 01, 2010

main reason i listend to this was cuz of ma man jay

posted by sam on Apr 01, 2010

amazing keep up the good work

posted by Ms.Jhooti Singh on Apr 01, 2010

amamzing hes so freeakishly hot!

posted by zara on Apr 01, 2010


posted by dean on Apr 01, 2010

Nice song Nd Lyrciz :)

posted by CaMpuzBoy on Apr 01, 2010

love it

posted by alex187187 on Apr 01, 2010

L0VE :)

posted by kayylovesjayy on Apr 01, 2010

Oh my god! That was such a great vidoe! The kids looked so sad at the beginning! Best part: JAY SEAN!! He was soooooo hot! Loved his suit!

posted by Shahrukhlover on Apr 01, 2010

lov it so muchhhh,,,jay its really heart touchin song...u rock ...

posted by each tear by jay sea on Apr 01, 2010

love jay sean!1 <3

posted by Shan on Apr 01, 2010

great song. love it.

posted by Jay Fan on Apr 01, 2010

awwww does anyone else get a little teary eyed when watch this..congrats Jay Movin on up..you've gotten so far

posted by SINGashleysingh on Apr 01, 2010

My boy blew it upp..u go, Jay ! Lookin' good and sounding amazing as usual ♥

posted by JaySeansWifey on Apr 01, 2010

That vedio is so amazing.so keep doing.

posted by Ibrahim habib on Apr 01, 2010