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Rebecca Black - Friday

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I love it! xD

posted by Just my opinion on Jan 30, 2013

Well Rebecca...I can't believe your'e 15...I mean you look way much more prettier, I mean I'm just as old as you...! So good luck with your singing..! You sound really great..!Hope to see one of you live shows there in the USA..!

posted by ChrisBothaSA(Golfer) on Nov 08, 2012

Rebecca Black. You are super pretty! - Hope you do well, from Kazan,Russia

posted by Zory Zacharov on Jun 13, 2011

I personally don't like the song. But u are a very pretty girl with great potential. You could do a lot with that voice! I must admit the song is very catchy!

posted by Clariiiix on May 15, 2011

i like it. go girl

posted by abcde on Apr 08, 2011

i love rebecca black, your so cool

posted by fte on Apr 04, 2011

You are amazing, I just love this song.

posted by REvans on Mar 31, 2011

Is this for real? Wow. Party? Driving? You're 13. & yet this is called a debut single? Very bad everything. I'd love to see her get ripped apart on Idol tho.

posted by cb on Mar 31, 2011

u r so nice & ur buitifull voice

posted by shahid on Mar 29, 2011

i love you are my friend good job

posted by kendra tonassi on Mar 29, 2011

it was really good except for some parts you sounded like a robot no offense though :)

posted by miranda padgett on Mar 28, 2011