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Juliette Lewis - Uh Huh

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Dear Miss Lewis, You are a credit to your acting and singing professions. I admire your natural quality of commitnment to each of your the characters that you protray, both on stage and screen. I cought you on the Lopez Show. I just rented a few of your movies because I missed you. What happened to Juliette? I admire your distinct beauty in, and all of your portrails; your characters are excellently acted out in each performance. ...and yet you are so real; your finger is on the pulse, and you are down to earth. I know youn have a spiritual affinity for music. Some folks are so heavenly they are no earthly good. You are the spirit in the the performance and intelligence that drives all of it. It comes from you, as you bring to all of us. Thank yo for share your gift and talents with the many fans that love and support you. Love and Goodness is yours, Bob Delgado

posted by Bob on Nov 12, 2010