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Annie Lennox - A Whiter Shade of Pale

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oh mAy good justin bieber yous so very,,very cool and cute i love you JB

posted by juliy jenifer claudy on Sep 26, 2010


posted by MUFEA on Sep 25, 2010

love it baby keep at it i love it keep on i love your music baby " u smile i smile"

posted by mrs. karen cullen on Sep 13, 2010

I love you JUSTIN BIEBER and I always hope that u come to MALAYSIA...

posted by flora on Sep 04, 2010

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posted by destiny on Sep 02, 2010

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your song was awesome i have never heard anything better you are awesome

posted by melanie on Sep 02, 2010

Amazing !

posted by Justin bieber100 on Aug 22, 2010


posted by justnbieber on Aug 04, 2010

magaling excellent

posted by essa on Jul 30, 2010

watsup u,girls..can't u see that girly face...u just like his face not his voice.haha..

posted by juzilmanbasir on Jul 29, 2010

this "U smile" song is real is your voice? i really confuzing with this song >.<" is really really is girl key..!! but i very like u song <3 in this world2.0 album! all of fan will keep in eyes with you!!! wonderful justinbieber.

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posted by DB on Jul 05, 2010

Oh my god,,, I love you so much JB,, But I can't see you, I just can see you in TV. Your songs are very Excellent.... I hope you can come to my country,,,!!

posted by hesti maria on Jul 03, 2010

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i luv it!dis song makes me SMILE...u make me SMILE:)I LUV U FROM HERE 2 INFINITY AND BEYOND

posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 16, 2010

i luv it!dis song makes me SMILE...u make md SMILE:)I LUV U FROM HERE 2 INFINITY AND BEYOND

posted by mrs.bieber on Jun 16, 2010

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posted by Tatyana on Apr 24, 2010

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posted by Nina<3 on Apr 24, 2010

Very cool. I Love your song justin

posted by Litha on Apr 23, 2010

i love it !!

posted by jane<3justine on Apr 10, 2010

my friend said its boring... i think its cool.....

posted by rrert on Apr 07, 2010

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posted by Bieberfeverlol on Mar 25, 2010

OMG... they got the lyrics wrong

posted by mariah on Mar 24, 2010

HEy Justin this is a realy good song i was wondering when r u comeing to north caroliana and did u write the song or did u just help right it

posted by jbishott on Mar 10, 2010

Hey guys! again lol. When i posted my recent comment, it saays my name is "Justin Bieber (the o" sorry i was tryin to put "the official" but it didnt turn out right :) i did it to let you know that I am the real Justin Bieber. Love you all! See you in my next concert!

posted by Justin Bieber on Mar 08, 2010

hey guys! i hope you like this song! lol i can tell you like it by all those awesome comments you put on this vid! Thanks fro all the messages and comments, you guys really help me out and support me well! thanks soo much!

posted by Justin Bieber (the o on Mar 08, 2010

@justin bieber uhm like dude ur voice got SOOOO LOWWWW! omg ur like goin through pubertiy! or ur just singin really horrible:)

posted by pinkypuu332 on Mar 08, 2010

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posted by jb on Mar 01, 2010

Dude, u rock!

posted by Twainz on Feb 25, 2010

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I love your new song. You look cut in your new video.

posted by steph on Feb 14, 2010

OMG I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING TO PASS OUT NOW!!! right now he is so hot!

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He looks so cute in that video! peace out! peeps!!

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He is actually pretty good. Plus he is HOT!!

posted by Taylorfan101 on Feb 05, 2010

I Love This Song and Justin Bieber!!! I Love Justin Bieber more then my parents1!!!!!

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this is his new song i like it

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I love him soo much

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@justinbieber , like you but this song boring , lol, but i like some of your song`s anywhy what do you care all the girl`s like evrything you do lol ..:)

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