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Birdman - Money to Blow (Feat. Drake & Lil Wayne)

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with all due respect wtf is all the other artists doing to keep up with the young money era

posted by mo flava(krd) on Jan 22, 2010

it is my favorite song that ever comes on the radio

posted by sexiii me lol ;) on Jan 12, 2010

ilove you baby and all yo songz need to put sum new ones.

posted by goodness on Dec 10, 2009

I Love you very much ok!But you tell lil wayne that He Look hot baby.you still do the rap

posted by Teara on Nov 23, 2009

He "said"What up

posted by Romeo on Nov 23, 2009

hey What you doing now I like your Videos You cute on the computer

posted by Teara on Nov 23, 2009