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Tokio Hotel - Automatic

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tokio hotel ha`e iporâveva oîva ñande yvýpe...rohayhu tokio hotel...

posted by ohayhuva tokio hotel on Jan 28, 2010

aguante TOKIO HOTEL el mejor grupo!!!

posted by melu on Jan 28, 2010

i just love bill and tom

posted by lakham on Jan 25, 2010

Amazing song! love Bill Kaulitz and his feaky hair! XD

posted by Aishwarya on Jan 06, 2010

ur amazng

posted by ck on Dec 31, 2009

doy la vida por tokio hotel en especial por bill y tom pero yo kiero es descargar el video nojoda

posted by rosiebixi on Nov 14, 2009

i love yuo tokio hotel forever

posted by diego da silva rodri on Oct 22, 2009

i think that everyonesnew look in th is awesome becuzz ur the ones thats wearing it so it shouldn't matter what others think of it. btw tom u should have got that hair ALONG TIME AGO you look sooooooooo sexy woth it

posted by kristenax luvsx life on Oct 17, 2009

ich liebe die song "automatic" sooooo awesome

posted by kristenax luvsx life on Oct 17, 2009

I love BILL so much:X:X:X:X:X love TH:x:x:x:x

posted by angel of death on Oct 06, 2009

bill is sooooo sexy ! i like his new hair . the song automatic is the best song of TH .

posted by TH rooooocks on Sep 30, 2009

i love tokio hotel and Bill wooooow talk about HOT AND SEXY

posted by tokio bitch 101 on Sep 18, 2009

wow was wonderful guys particulary you tom . you are star tom you are the must beautiful thing in my life. i hope that 1 day you wiil love me just like i love you huny.maybe you cry or fun this are real .i am best friend of flonja and we love you twins kaulitz the wonderful twins of the world.please belive me becouse are real and don't fun with use becose we cry every moment for you for fact that we are not near kaulitz but we hope.i kiss you tom.don't forget we loooooooveee very much and real kaulitz

posted by fabiola on Sep 10, 2009

helene is idiot your hair are fantastic bill don't listen nobody you are fantastic and everything that you do it's wonderful.automatic is the must beautiful song that i listen. i looooooveee you real i loooooveee you bill , you are a star of metal. ich liebe dich .ich be danje du bist manje.forever thisbelive becouse are real

posted by flonja on Sep 10, 2009

ok guys i accept that are fantastic but are and magic particulary you bill.shrei was beautiful in zimmer 438 and monsoon was very beatiful but automatic in humanoid was wonderful song.in fact everything that you do was wonderful.congratulation was fantastic. ihope that 1 day i will be with you bill with my star tokio hotel.i kiss you bill don't forget i love with my hurt and with every feel of this world.

posted by flonja on Sep 10, 2009

Tokio Hotel <3 4-Ever ! liebe !

posted by Meliii on Sep 05, 2009

j'adora les tokio hotel cette chanson est magnifique je l'ecoute tout le temps continue comme ca est votre style est super vive tokio hotel

posted by tuba on Sep 05, 2009

C'est un nouveau style de musique qu'ils nous présentent. Moi j'aime bien, au moins c'est pas répititif. Mais je pense par là qu'ils vont decevoir bcp de fans mais peut-être amener quelques personnes d'autres styles musicaux à écouter leur musique que je qualifierai plus de pop/ rock que du vrai rock justement :). Mais sinon l'idée n'est pas mauvaise, s'aventurer ds un autre style de musique que le sien est plutôt culoté ! Ils ont du cran ces Tokio Hotel ^^. Aprés on aime ou on aime pas, ça c'est une tout autre affaire

posted by MD11 on Sep 05, 2009

I Think This Song And Video Is Amazing XD

posted by Charlie XD on Sep 04, 2009

i love the fact that its so different, and they guys are still as hot as ever!

posted by kate on Sep 04, 2009

LOVE THIS all bands need to eventually get a new sound or people won't be interested anymore awesome :)

posted by Kaitlin on Sep 04, 2009

what the fuck? i used to love their songs but this is pop. i miss them. they're ruined. :( please, back to your old days. geh, spring nicht, rette mich, they were amazing songs (...) :/

posted by Inês on Sep 04, 2009

i'm really disapointed by this song!!! i want sing like rette mich durch den .... what that :s:s

posted by me on Sep 04, 2009

i d'ont like his new hair

posted by helene on Sep 04, 2009