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DJ Tiesto - Urban Train (Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)

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LOVE this show!! Alexander Skarsgard is Smokin' HOT as Eric

posted by JessC. on Dec 15, 2009

vengance is the lords

posted by sand man on Oct 26, 2009

i apoligise to dawn

posted by lost on Oct 26, 2009

Ooops my name was meant to be: ERIC.LOVER lol

posted by Eric.Lover on Sep 26, 2009

I love the books & I hope the show sticks more to the books in the 2nd season than it did in the first. Still pretty awesome, though :D

posted by Eriv.Lover on Sep 26, 2009

i love eric :)

posted by awesome on Sep 26, 2009

Yeahh this season isn't as good as the 1st in my opinion. The whole maynat thing is throwing me off.

posted by Elein Dover on Sep 09, 2009