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Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart

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posted by A on Nov 28, 2013


posted by Newyear on Nov 15, 2011

Straight through my my heart . . .

posted by Amal on Aug 01, 2011

i loved this song so much ...!

posted by bb on Feb 02, 2011

u r the best

posted by jishnu on May 27, 2010

Great! I think this song and album is very great!

posted by Binh on May 19, 2010

its the best song i have heard!!!!!!! those boys rock!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Abs on Apr 03, 2010


posted by gorger on Feb 12, 2010

they are the best!

posted by parisima on Jan 12, 2010

Oh I Love A.J.Mclean

posted by July on Dec 09, 2009

gera daina

posted by rimas on Dec 06, 2009

G0o0o0o0o0o0o0oD>>very very very very beautiiiiiiiiiifuuuuL

posted by /\\/\\3|-|D! on Nov 25, 2009

Nick ... You're very beautiful in this video ! Hope see u again.

posted by NiCkY on Nov 09, 2009

do u know name of a vampire actor?

posted by mike on Oct 25, 2009

verry good song. Bsb forever!!

posted by fanforever on Oct 23, 2009

really great... iluv the song..

posted by Straight through my on Oct 15, 2009

great!!!!!!!!! juz great...!! i luv them very much...

posted by nezz.. on Oct 14, 2009

nice...very nice ;)

posted by sisi on Oct 08, 2009

The song would have been better but in this video they're dancing... at last!!!!!

posted by niko on Oct 08, 2009

it it fantastic i love them they got so old theyre time is over and its time of emin3m 50cent justin timberlake and .......

posted by MiRr0r on Oct 03, 2009

love the song vid could be better. love all their songs wish they would come to New Zealand

posted by sam on Sep 24, 2009

i love them the video is amazing (LLL

posted by noemi on Sep 20, 2009

I wish they would go on tour in the US. They are so great!

posted by lbelle22 on Sep 16, 2009

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! soooooo glad you guys are back. been looking forward to this since unbreakable keep up the amasing work

posted by B-ROK fan 4eva on Sep 10, 2009

bsb still rule!

posted by bad boy on Sep 04, 2009

amazing vid!! I'm loving this sond more and more!! Can't wait for the new album!

posted by katie on Sep 02, 2009

Very well done boys. Excellent. I love you.

posted by vendy on Sep 01, 2009

goooooooooooooood bsb

posted by elbehairy on Aug 31, 2009

Carballo jarri abesti hau Iratxon!

posted by Aitor Z on Aug 31, 2009

BSB Rules

posted by Aitor Z on Aug 31, 2009

increible excelente cancion igual q el video y porsupuesto ellos divinoos ahora apoyarlos y q vuelvan a su tronoo

posted by bsb on Aug 31, 2009

Well... out of 5 stars I would give it 8.. REAAAllYYY nice..

posted by ME on Aug 31, 2009

amazing vid..luv the song and its vibe..love everything about it..

posted by aya on Aug 30, 2009

i love bsb since i was 10! now i am 22!

posted by ady on Aug 30, 2009

love the video and the boys!!!

posted by mely on Aug 29, 2009

es el mejor video los apresio mucho

posted by cristian on Aug 29, 2009

Trying to emulate we've got it going on?

posted by Tooru on Aug 29, 2009

luvvvvvvvvv nick n bsb

posted by san on Aug 29, 2009

great!!! i love it

posted by bby.bkstreet on Aug 28, 2009

Gostei ficou diferente...

posted by beth on Aug 28, 2009

gostei da histria só achei q poderia ter sido contada de uma forma melhor ! ... ahh e o clipe tinha q terminar com um take dos 4 andandoOo .. naum podia falatr isso huah!

posted by toninn! on Aug 28, 2009

Me parece muy soso el video teniendo una buena idea. Y eso que me gusta mucho este grupo. Thanks for this video

posted by Tooru on Aug 28, 2009

esta hermosoooooooo genial el video se ven guapisimos d e vampiros sobre todo mi brianito

posted by elizabeth on Aug 28, 2009

Esperadisimo video nuevo, FELICIDADES CHIKOS ESTA GENIALˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ grx por alegrarme la vida

posted by ggg5bsb on Aug 27, 2009

great song.. unique video..

posted by redsole7 on Aug 27, 2009

OMG!!! Thnks 4 the video it's great... OMG!! i can't stop smiling!!! :D

posted by NaY on Aug 27, 2009

Son lo Mejor!!! y lo seguiran siendo!!! los amo chicos!!!

posted by Cristina fan bsb Eca on Aug 27, 2009

Bellissimooooo! canzone fantastica!

posted by Gemelle93 on Aug 27, 2009

hmm...great song, right. but video could've been better.

posted by Nina on Aug 27, 2009

nice video they are back!!!yeah!!

posted by livya on Aug 27, 2009


posted by LOREM Argentina BsAS on Aug 27, 2009

Great song but not so great video. It could have been much better

posted by Maria on Aug 27, 2009

Great song but not so great video. It could have been much better

posted by Maria on Aug 27, 2009

Great song but not so great video. It could have been much better

posted by Maria on Aug 27, 2009


posted by BSB FAN on Aug 27, 2009

Good song... not so great video!!! Still love them!!!

posted by dkechichian on Aug 27, 2009

esta buenisimo el video,vamos x mas backs!! i love backstreetboys:)

posted by loremoore on Aug 27, 2009

i loved it awesome video. go bsb love ya guys

posted by bsbfan on Aug 27, 2009

lo mejor de lo mejor ,los chicos son lo maximo,esta cancion me encata creo que es una de las mejores.

posted by jasbel on Aug 27, 2009

Like the song hate the video very disappointing. Been a backstreet fan for a 11 years and I NEVER thought it would get this bad...

posted by boooo on Aug 27, 2009

i really like their new song. Not at all what you would expect from them

posted by crystal on Aug 27, 2009

buen video y la musica tambien esta buena felicidades boys

posted by les on Aug 27, 2009

Hermoso me encantoo..!! BSB FOREVER Iloveyou B-rok

posted by XhubiiLavigne-Littre on Aug 27, 2009

great song but the video seems a little unconected. it's rulling the song

posted by miri on Aug 27, 2009

OMG!! I love this song and video! BSB are the best!!

posted by kKsDd(Katie) on Aug 27, 2009


posted by ml on Aug 27, 2009

i loved it!!!

posted by kathy on Aug 27, 2009