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Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

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Yessssss !!!!!

posted by adan on Nov 16, 2012

I cant leave him alone he got dat gowd U/DIG

posted by pooh on Dec 18, 2009

i am agnes and i am 13 years old and i love you im from albaninan

posted by agnes on Dec 14, 2009

I LUV THIS SONG< Better Than Halo!

posted by BurnInHell on Nov 01, 2009

I <3 this song =)

posted by LoveNickJ :( on Oct 16, 2009

Love Kelly too :) I think this video is beautiful, BUT the RCA company censored the original conception - and it would be better. I'm sad, that they cutted the end of the song just like that :( And it's the company's and Ryan Tedder's fault that it's so similar to Halo. Now everyone thinks that Kelly stoled it - but it's not true. She doesn't even wanted to release it as her third single - beacause of the similarity. "shitty situation" - but I love this track:)

posted by Brom on Jul 28, 2009

I love kelly but this video is ok...but no matter what i love her still

posted by nightmare on Jul 27, 2009