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Britney Spears - Radar

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l love dis jam if u do't like it then u a HATER!!!

posted by cutie on Nov 08, 2009


posted by kiki on Aug 26, 2009

Amazing vid and song

posted by Hazey on Jul 17, 2009

THIS VIDEO REALLY SUCKS! I loved Britney since the day I saw her, even went to one of her Circus tour concerts, and she really doesn't put on a show like she used to. SEE BRITNEY! IT ISSS BETTER TO HAVE CORPRATE ARSEHOLES CONTROLLING YOUR EVERY MOVE, KEEPIN' YA ON TRACK! Anyways, this video is just an example of get rick quick with as little effort as possible. PAYCE! ~Holly

posted by sekseebaybie on Jul 17, 2009

absolutely HOOO00OOOT!

posted by HOTMAMA on Jul 15, 2009

Can Britney get any Hotter!

posted by Hot1 on Jul 14, 2009


posted by MARY on Jul 14, 2009


posted by KAT on Jul 14, 2009

ok...not bad!

posted by dusan serbia on Jul 09, 2009

BRITNEY!! No no no... this is so wrong, ive been looking forward to this video seeming it was on her last album. And i get U looking really sexy at the start which was good, but then i get people running around on hourse's NO! this is totally wrong I love Britney to bits But i expected so much more for this song

posted by Rich on Jul 04, 2009

Very Good Video!

posted by Andrea on Jul 02, 2009

Simple and tasteful, nice work, Brit.

posted by John on Jul 02, 2009

this video is aweful, its sooo boring well it goes to show how enthusiastic britneys people were to go through with their contract and make this song a single, She does look beautiful though.

posted by tajy on Jul 02, 2009

i love this song and i like the video its different but its good :) x

posted by :) on Jul 01, 2009

This suks and lacks creativity and im a big fan of britneys

posted by JCD on Jul 01, 2009

I love brit, but this video is crap, it shoulda been a dark and fast paced dance video, they should really do polls with fANS TO SEE WHAT THEY SHOULD DO, ITS STARTING TO GET ANNOYING HOW LITTLE EFFORT IS BEING PUT IN.

posted by pjfyg on Jul 01, 2009

Its a good song, i heard it so long ago though. and im not impressed with this video. usually her videos are wayyyyy better .

posted by Ashley Lovely on Jul 01, 2009

this is awful compared to her other recent vids not good britney not good

posted by Jc10176 on Jul 01, 2009

Omg, that is amazing

posted by BS on Jul 01, 2009

I'm addicted to this song and had been waiting for the video to premier.. What a terrible, no action, boring video. I am seriously disappointing. What a waste of a song.

posted by faNinReno on Jul 01, 2009

amazin to see her so fresh looking like the old days and her video may not be DANCY but hes doing a diffrent video that suits a lovey type song so stop hating people its brill so is the song!

posted by sam on Jul 01, 2009


posted by kimmy on Jul 01, 2009

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by kimmy on Jul 01, 2009

This is my favorite song ever by her i knew she had to release it eventually. but it looks like a part 2 for if u seek amy. these videos dont match either of these songs, and they needed vids like circus and womanizer. im disappointed, 3 stars b/c the song is amazing, but the video is awful, dull, and boring. if she stays lazy, she'll fade out like madonna and mj

posted by ringmaster on Jul 01, 2009

AMAZING!! really cool, I liked it, wao reading the comments, everyone I don't know why are so bad, you are expecting only Toxic, Womanizer with Break the Ice videos and that's no how things work, yes this video is different but has a nice quality very professional. I Love U Britney

posted by L on Jul 01, 2009

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! she's so cleaver

posted by Jackie on Jul 01, 2009

She can't mime :( .

posted by Jennifah on Jul 01, 2009

all i can say i love the song but the video didn't do any justice for the dam song. she could of at least danced in the video come on now what the heck is up with britney these days shes getting fucken lazy i swear 2 god. whatever she is gonna fade sooner or later.again i love the song

posted by ecoblue608 on Jul 01, 2009

love it. its sexy in a classy way plus brit looks amazing and its so totally diff of what i expected to be.. britney 4ever!

posted by ringleader on Jul 01, 2009