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David Cook - Come Back to Me

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aahh....what more can i say?! im thankful that you auditioned to ai and won the title last year. video was great. can't wait for your next music video....hope DC's song "bar-ba-sol" will have a music video.

posted by COOK4ever on May 20, 2009

i love tiz one a lot...

posted by renne_geraldine on May 08, 2009

Good song, horrible video. Had so much potential and they spoon fed it to the audience. Too bad.

posted by Michelle in SLC on May 07, 2009

Wish that was me you was kissing David cook! You so sexy!

posted by Linda from Indiana on May 04, 2009

David cook is a great singing and is very good looking! Keep up the good singing and sorry to hear about your brother Adam! You look very sexy in your video! I voted for you on American Idol! Hope you still do a great job!

posted by Linda from Indiana on May 04, 2009

OMG!Why Kissed a girl?!...NO!!!!haha

posted by Mayryche on Apr 30, 2009

i love this F***in david cook but why kissing ~_~ i dont like that girl

posted by DAN on Apr 09, 2009

shouting to all david cook fans!! i entered a competition called think again and it has a prize called most viewed video on youtube.....i used one of my personal fav I don't want to miss a thing, david cook's cover, plz support us by clicking and viewing it thanks its called love-luv-me by olibia819 in youtube

posted by lovedavidcook on Apr 05, 2009

Sarah was the perfect choice and she and David would make an awesome couple. Very, very nice

posted by mae on Apr 04, 2009

I am trying to share your music with a close friend and you are blocking it. That sucks. I just listened to you for the first time last night.

posted by wow could\'ve been a on Apr 03, 2009

David Cook is the best! He is an excellent singer! Platinum after 3 months I rest my case!

posted by adammakesmepuke on Apr 02, 2009