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Ciara - Love Sex Magic (Feat. Justin Timberlake)

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i love to suck pussy now

posted by james a stein on Sep 20, 2010

I bet that if beyonce en ciara compete like this Ciara would so win!!

posted by Liyah on Jul 08, 2010

Yo,briana you is right TREY SONGS is CUTE

posted by Liyah on Jul 08, 2010

Hey I?m really lovin this music vid.

posted by Liyah on Jul 08, 2010

Sexy back..

posted by yo on Dec 14, 2009

I'm love justin timberlake

posted by regiane on Sep 14, 2009

I'm love

posted by regiane on Sep 14, 2009

trey songz is so cute

posted by briana on Sep 02, 2009

E mill me now steinfamily1777

posted by james on Aug 24, 2009

cira love Keted

posted by Ciara love on Aug 20, 2009

Ciara love Ketedra

posted by Ciara love Ketedra on Aug 20, 2009

i like this song so sexy

posted by steve on Aug 18, 2009

i love grlis and kate

posted by dj on Aug 01, 2009

You can't even hate on this video love love love it

posted by Kith on Jul 28, 2009


posted by ciara on Jul 27, 2009

I luv this video babe

posted by Lizzy15 on Jul 26, 2009


posted by Nasko on Jul 21, 2009


posted by x on Jun 29, 2009

Beyonce, CAN NOT DANCE LIKE THIS!! This video in no way should remind anyone of anything Mrs.Knowles-Carter has done. She can move but not like this.

posted by AchangedWoman on Jun 29, 2009

sorry ciara but i am PRUDEEE!!! so i h8 this

posted by egg on Jun 27, 2009

ciara i love the way you sing and the way you move.you are a cute and hot girl.my name is manuella and i am from cameroun i hope you will read my messag one day.peace and love to you

posted by manuella on Jun 26, 2009

m36n s0n9 u h6v t6l3nt 1n d6nc1n i h0p3 ur h6v1n fun n0 m3 w31 l6t3rz

posted by $meanGURL$ on Jun 26, 2009

i liike dha son but..yo seriously.....ciara gotta keep iit G rated...dhat wasz gross

posted by TEAM*CHRIS*BROWN on Jun 25, 2009

u, beyonce, cassie, vanessa, amerie, keri, indiana, alicia, r pritty.

posted by stevie-anne hawea on Jun 24, 2009

Goodd Song... x wOnna Thee Best !! :) x Ciara & Justin ! I Want another song featuring both ov yii !! <3

posted by Chelseaa on Jun 19, 2009

I love ciara u are the best singer and u cn dance well GoogGood <3

posted by Ashleigh blockleyy on Jun 14, 2009

hot/ different/ great to get new sounds...

posted by sherry on Jun 14, 2009

omg-gd movie <3

posted by sxyvibez on Jun 04, 2009

your music video is very awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by sexy lady on Jun 04, 2009


posted by SEXY MAMII on Jun 01, 2009

So sxy

posted by tst on May 18, 2009

Awsome love it I told my boyfriend to have this song when i call he would think of me...I9 think CiCi is to good for JT!!

posted by MissLiss on May 17, 2009

she can dance

posted by luvhateabule on May 13, 2009

very niceeee!!!!

posted by delia on May 07, 2009

very good

posted by sss on May 04, 2009

this video was raunchy as heck... ciara that was a step down.. but it still was hot.. work it girl

posted by future beyonce on Apr 28, 2009

She has the body of a Goddess!

posted by tina on Apr 21, 2009


posted by jane on Apr 21, 2009

I told my boyfriend to keep this video on file so I won't have to turn him on. IT IS HOT! I love her with Justin, but I'd like to see her with 50 too.

posted by I love her on Apr 21, 2009

cici ur the best dancer out dare ride now,jus holla at me im fr jamaica n ilove so much god

posted by cc on Apr 10, 2009

cici i lov you,your d best and i am your biggest fan eva

posted by corey on Apr 10, 2009

this video kills me.... if ya know wat i mean

posted by kanye west (official on Apr 08, 2009

go girl

posted by bkkyoni on Apr 07, 2009

xcv z

posted by zxcz on Apr 04, 2009


posted by kimberlymoore on Mar 31, 2009

i agree wit bAyBeH..this duz resemble Beyonce's past video's....BUT I LUV DA SONG N DA VIDEO

posted by L.S.M. on Mar 29, 2009

love the video!! its awsome i have to admit she the best dancer out there!!! but the video sorta resembles beyonces past music videos.

posted by bAybEh on Mar 27, 2009

love the vido!!!

posted by malik on Mar 27, 2009

I le jhjgfbgmnd hfbndgjk

posted by marilyn on Mar 27, 2009

The song is so much better without Ciara. She's a really good singer but this song is not right for her. Moreover, what is up with those movements? Kind of extremely creepy.

posted by Ratje on Mar 25, 2009

very sexy. she's hot and he's extra hot. would love to be her

posted by jtfan on Mar 25, 2009

very good!! se lo a currado

posted by lokilla on Mar 25, 2009

Love it, sexy, I am huge Ciara fan, naturally beautiful, sell it girl

posted by southern girl, too on Mar 23, 2009

Finally a great song and video from Ciara's new album, Fantasy Ride. I still doubt the album will be good, if it features all those failed singles she tried to put out.

posted by BJay on Mar 23, 2009