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Kanye West - Love Lockdown

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this is the best song that i ever heard it has both bassbeat and music i love this song very much

posted by ur doing a good work on May 10, 2010

it's very sad u lost ur mom dis is seun ur favorite fan in nigeria call me kanye my nu 2348075243262(very 9ice video)

posted by 2gbaski on Feb 20, 2009

The video is genius!

posted by El on Jan 24, 2009

dear kanye west I I'm very sorry abount your mom my name is felishacunningham you can call me my is number is 8642319946

posted by felishacunningham on Jan 22, 2009

its allright

posted by j b on Jan 04, 2009


posted by USHER on Dec 30, 2008


posted by ChiiCK703 on Dec 19, 2008

YOU DOIN IT BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by ?????? on Dec 19, 2008

im soooo sick of it my 4nd keeps playin it

posted by chelsea on Nov 29, 2008

We luv ya Mr West and this song is incredible. Sadly to say your video is Shockley disappointing i really don't get it ! You know what we want so bring it... xoxo

posted by Sunny Sun on Nov 13, 2008

dey sum haterz if they don't like yo song, u got 2 excuse haters, lyke I do. Yall need 2 stay off his jock and stop jock blockin....

posted by Riahboo on Nov 13, 2008

it was ok

posted by rita on Nov 12, 2008

i like the song but just not the video cause of what i said in the other comment.it still isnt fare to what is in the song.love you kanye love the song and know it by heart.people i cant belive what you guys say about him he is fine as well as his music.love ya

posted by naomi queen on Nov 08, 2008

i dont get it cause who is kanye tryin to keep the lokdown from.

posted by naomi on Nov 08, 2008

King James I disagree totally with you!! I think that mostly black people will buy his album, and who the hell are you to say that this is crappy music? You need to think outside the box sometimes. He's doin this because his real shit comes out in June!!! So sit back and shut the hell up!

posted by MR. Hip Hop on Oct 28, 2008

Kanye West's New Song is a Major Disgrace. I Understand That He is Experimenting with His Music, But What He is Doing, in My Opinion, isn't Hip Hop. Mr. West is Talented, But This Song is Absolutely One of the Worse Songs I Heard This Year. Kanye West Has Sold Out;Consuquently, White People Will Eat This Crappy Music up, and he going to Sell Millons.

posted by KingJames on Oct 18, 2008

tje best song ever

posted by gol on Oct 08, 2008

i lovee this song but didnt too much like the video, but its Kanye so i wouldnt expect anything less !!!

posted by peanut miza on Oct 08, 2008