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Ashley Tisdale - I Want It All

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adriana ioo

posted by ioo adriana on Feb 13, 2010


posted by 32248004 on Feb 13, 2010

adriana lucio ioo

posted by high adriana on Feb 13, 2010

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posted by fuck on Sep 27, 2009

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posted by danny on Jan 25, 2009

i love suddenly by ASHLEY TISDALE

posted by hsm3 on Nov 16, 2008

I didn't see the video but I hope that it's exellent because Ashley and Lucas never make bad videos (songs) also the other members and actors from High School Musical. Best wishes from Isra TV presenter in Macedonia's Radio TV. So I can say best wishes from all HSM audience. We want to see very soon here HSM 3. I love you couse you are the music in me!!!

posted by Isra on Oct 30, 2008


posted by I LOVE HSM on Oct 12, 2008

i love it it was mint and so funny i can not wate 2 see the houl film

posted by lucasme223 on Sep 12, 2008