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T.I. - Whatever You Like

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T.i.What Ever You Like

posted by Yusif on Feb 14, 2011

good very good

posted by whatever you like on Apr 15, 2010


posted by Whatever u like feat on Aug 22, 2009

all you hatas can fall back he wrote dis song 4 me=]

posted by lilgriff13 on Jun 21, 2009

big will stfu cuhz yhur dumbass cant even spell lmfao , ol hairy ass monkey lookin ho . TI I LOVE YHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :]

posted by Hahaaa on Apr 02, 2009

dis boy dont wont eny of ur skiny 10 yr old ass`s so go home and cry coz his money makin black ass dont wonna no u hands up T. I sik song

posted by biG Wil on Mar 15, 2009

T.I hands up to u dude!U R DE BEST............LuV U

posted by kat vond on Mar 08, 2009


posted by NICKO BESS on Feb 13, 2009

xe xe xe

posted by ALEX on Feb 07, 2009


posted by MARIGLEN on Feb 06, 2009

you are so. sexxxxy and i love youuu

posted by sunshine on Feb 06, 2009

i love youuuuu!!!!!

posted by angel on Feb 04, 2009

it is a real good song

posted by bandet96 on Jan 30, 2009

OMG this video rockss!! He sang this for ME!! iloveyousomuchhh iv got an obbsession and T.I nd me are gonna run away nd get marid , so his wife can get stuffed!! haha , and all his songs are for me , so yuu can all do1 ! i listen tu yur album 24/7 !! (: . iLOVEYOUx

posted by MRS Maria Harris JR. on Jan 22, 2009

Ti the best rapper of the centuary.I love ur songs.I really like Rubber band man and whatevrer u like.And big thing is popin.

posted by T I king of rap on Jan 18, 2009

we all need a man like ti.

posted by de-de on Jan 11, 2009

wat u doin baby dis is lil juicy!!!! Luv Juicy

posted by Lil Juicy on Jan 08, 2009


posted by KY MAN on Jan 07, 2009


posted by sophie on Jan 01, 2009

this is my jam

posted by brandon on Dec 31, 2008


posted by ana on Dec 22, 2008

hi t.i i really love this song i wish i can meet you in real life i love you alot you have the bestest songs ever there better than rihanna's your so cool so my wish is to meet you and i love this song it's so awsome it's the badest then all the other songs I LOVE YOU T.I

posted by ana on Dec 22, 2008

omg this song iz amazing and i love this song its so cool love ya!!! (lonley call me!)

posted by corellar on Dec 18, 2008

omg this song iz amazing and i love this song its so cool love ya!!! (lonley call me!)

posted by corellar on Dec 18, 2008

my mama say you is fine i say you on fire. num=214-777-2543 hope to see you to let my mama give you something.

posted by dime peice jr on Dec 18, 2008

like this video. go on TI. LUV YA.WHATEVER YOU LIKE

posted by suzanne on Dec 09, 2008

love it

posted by hi on Dec 09, 2008


posted by T-BABY on Dec 08, 2008

i love this song so much..! i love you T.I. you are awesome..! <3

posted by Andrea on Dec 07, 2008


posted by MZ.BOSSY on Dec 05, 2008

i do listen to dis song everyday

posted by lil mama on Dec 05, 2008

i love this song i would fuck to this song

posted by lil mama on Dec 05, 2008

its like no ice

posted by yea on Dec 04, 2008

I like your song so mush

posted by sherlice on Dec 03, 2008

i luv it

posted by chelsea on Nov 29, 2008

i love your new song it is cool i am 10 i love your music

posted by lexi on Nov 25, 2008

Through it all u still keep your faith and stayed focus God is over your life.Cant nobody take that from u.Stay the same u r a good person!

posted by precious on Nov 19, 2008

t.i will you marry me i want you and i know your hm num is 8523-3568

posted by shantel on Nov 19, 2008

hay yoll b**** whats like cookin babe

posted by shantel on Nov 19, 2008

um no to me T.I. is better than lil wayne! T.I. songs make sense he just dont wrap about crap! lil wayne songs dont even make sense. he just be sayin stuff just to be heard! T.I. is waaaayyy better. REALITY CHECK!!!

posted by brittany on Nov 18, 2008

i love this song! i love all your songs T.I, i love you!!!

posted by brittany on Nov 18, 2008

f**k critics, this song rocks out loud son

posted by dj tz on Nov 16, 2008

your ok, t.i. but lil wayne is totally better than you.

posted by karisazinck on Nov 15, 2008

my favorite video eva

posted by mike weezy on Nov 13, 2008

This song lights up my life!!! You ROCK...

posted by Sunny Sun on Nov 13, 2008

Lyke my nigga said(Chrissy Poo) yall need 2 stop cuz he don't want yall. If he did, he would of had yall by now. He got a gurl...

posted by Riahboo on Nov 13, 2008

wont playy babes x love thaa songg thow x

posted by YrAm on Nov 13, 2008

Mehn T.I,ya d realest nigga in d hood.feel u r vibe and i'll always do. Nigerians feel u and dey say YOU CAN COME WHENEVER YOU LIKE...holla!!!

posted by Kofoworola on Nov 12, 2008

so stop playing wit him like dat 4 his girl come crease yall azz.

posted by chrissy poo on Nov 12, 2008

4 all u hoes stop telling t.i. to call yall cuz he don't won't non of yall lil goof azz children so yall need to get off his jock he got his life and ain't thinking bout yall.

posted by chrissy poo on Nov 12, 2008

yea T.I. keep ya head up baby boy I know u going through time right GOD will get u through and like u said u still stand no matter what cuz black is back & it's powerful.

posted by chrissy poo on Nov 12, 2008

i think t.i. is real rapper

posted by todrol on Nov 11, 2008

how u gon like a nigga that kissed another nigga fuck lil wayne gay azz

posted by Makaveli Gangsta on Nov 10, 2008

thts how am goiung do 4 my girlfriend

posted by abiola on Nov 09, 2008

the video is ok i think is the best for 2008 keep it happening t.i

posted by abi on Nov 09, 2008


posted by NASTIE on Nov 09, 2008

i like t.i. and i like that song i have his album and i like it

posted by Daphney on Nov 09, 2008

t.i is so sexy and he got a dody

posted by shadare on Nov 07, 2008

whats up t.i

posted by shadare swayzer on Nov 07, 2008

t.i. need to keep doing what he is doing because he got me behind him a 100% all the way.

posted by sexytweety on Nov 05, 2008

hey call me 214346565

posted by love it on Nov 03, 2008

t.i ur so fine i hope u can come 2 ma bith day party 4 i could be notabull because none of the people like lookin at me so tat be a good thing 2 do cause no one not even stars like tat and ma bithday is on january 5 and im 12years old 7th grade thanks

posted by jennifer bernal vall on Nov 03, 2008


posted by 50 cent on Oct 29, 2008

this is so cool

posted by lilguy95 on Oct 29, 2008

what`s happenin

posted by andredyso on Oct 29, 2008

watcha doing yea u rite i can have wateva i like

posted by deja on Oct 27, 2008

Mi Names Santana Duncan and I FUKING L;OVE THIS SONG !

posted by Hi on Oct 27, 2008

Eww He's mine BIITCHH !

posted by poo on Oct 27, 2008

i want you so bad i would do anything to be with you call 620-897-6391

posted by jessica on Oct 25, 2008

oh my good dis song is just for me and be size ti is hot,sexy and fine baby you look really sexy than chris brown call me at429or4268737myrealnameis christina

posted by kiki on Oct 24, 2008


posted by shania nacoma jacobs on Oct 23, 2008

i love T.I. , this song, and this video!! ♥

posted by volleyballluvr_22 on Oct 22, 2008


posted by TI BABII on Oct 21, 2008


posted by lilian wainaina on Oct 20, 2008

remember when we perfomed live your life i wanna live with yu forever and i'll see ya babe i broke up with chris brown

posted by rihanna on Oct 20, 2008


posted by rihanna on Oct 20, 2008

top song T.I.

posted by whatever you like on Oct 17, 2008

whats up ti

posted by kk on Oct 17, 2008

hea fukecn hooooooooooooot

posted by la diadla on Oct 17, 2008

call 619 6465021

posted by v.i.p Bitch on Oct 17, 2008

t.i is hot whit a capital H

posted by dory on Oct 17, 2008

great song

posted by duy on Oct 16, 2008

Yea riight well gezz what hees miine so back off.!! =] Lil Wayne Lover -Ms. Weezy F. Baby -Ms. Dwayne Michael Carter -Ms. Carter

posted by Lovly shawty on Oct 16, 2008

Yea i agree with yhoo he is so hot!!

posted by rachel on Oct 16, 2008

He iis so hot but LIL WAYNE iis HOTTER AND SEXY=] DUH =]i mean who doesnt agree wiith me!!!

posted by Lovly shawty on Oct 16, 2008

dame this song is da shit i love it

posted by phat-phat on Oct 15, 2008

i luv this songs so so so much i look at it every day on channel 113 mtv you can have whatever you like i luv u T.I. the KING

posted by kim on Oct 15, 2008

dam babe luv diz song...

posted by flaka on Oct 13, 2008

i love you so much.you look so sexy when you lick your lips please marry me

posted by microsoft on Oct 13, 2008

your so cool ti i wish that girl was me

posted by toya on Oct 12, 2008

hi wats up sexy call me .............

posted by crystal on Oct 11, 2008

I love this song out of all the song that has been made to me this has been the best

posted by Pocahonas on Oct 10, 2008

this song is very good

posted by sam on Oct 10, 2008

se when im wit u i can have wat i like and u can have what u like...

posted by Mz.Ashley on Oct 09, 2008

i really luv this song

posted by N/A on Oct 09, 2008

u r so sexy baby and thanks for coming up with that song baby in in love with u ur so fkn fine

posted by what ever u like on Oct 06, 2008

im in love with t.i. song nd with him 2!!!hes so fkn fine

posted by in love on Oct 06, 2008

t.i. i think that the song what ever you liks is great and ima goldigger so im tryin to get on

posted by goldigger on Oct 06, 2008

I love ti his song cause he keeps it real with his fan and he so damn find i love that ti vs tip keep up the good ti love your mitche

posted by y on Oct 03, 2008

omg i love this song so much

posted by ashy on Oct 02, 2008

I love tis song and him,he is so find but to bad i cant have em' cuse he got a babbymomma and still is in love with her...dam T.I wat did she do to u...Mane just give me an 1hr with u not evan an hr...i know u have about 7 kids and more that 1 baby momma...How do i know?Duhhhh baby u r famous ur biz is out every wer...i lOVE U T.I

posted by Mrs Clifford on Oct 02, 2008

love it

posted by bridgette 14 on Oct 01, 2008

its really cool i wish icould be his little sister.

posted by paper trial on Oct 01, 2008


posted by MICHELE on Sep 30, 2008

you are the best in the game. No ones better than you.

posted by drae on Sep 26, 2008

you are fine and hot wish I could meet you your girl is lucky yo have someone that looks as good as you

posted by AMM on Sep 24, 2008

T.I is cool but the Game is bomb!

posted by Doders Rule Angels S on Sep 22, 2008

The girl looked pretty with her hair like that in the middle of the video! =D & the song is pretty awesome.

posted by Sophia on Sep 22, 2008

I want meet you in person.

posted by Maria Egenti on Sep 22, 2008

you are so sexy.

posted by tiffany on Sep 19, 2008

t.i. i love you so much but why do you have to go back to jail because i love you

posted by tiffany on Sep 19, 2008

this songs my shit

posted by jacksonhoe on Sep 18, 2008

my bae showed out an who eva say sum different uma tell ya brok3 ni66as like my boo TI BE QUIET!!!!!

posted by porcha b on Sep 17, 2008

please, i need some dvd player and ipod please, i don,t tv so please, send dvd player to watch my dvd dvd songs and dvd movies please i beg u in the of god please, i know send from me. please box mc344 chruch of christ takoradi

posted by amos morrison on Sep 17, 2008

AWWW sad ending :(

posted by rapl0ver on Sep 17, 2008

This is a real pretty song but t would the made it more popular if you had me in it

posted by Unknown Person you r on Sep 17, 2008

this song is so gutta your girl.

posted by lil shorty on Sep 16, 2008

this song off the hook and TI is off the hook

posted by destiny on Sep 14, 2008

this is my funkin man and this my funkin song in if u got problem fuck u ya heard me

posted by shanna on Sep 13, 2008

keep doin yo thang babi

posted by gutta babei on Sep 12, 2008

i love u ti u can always come and get some milk and cookies from me

posted by kaykay on Sep 08, 2008

wow este video es lo mejooor!

posted by kp on Sep 07, 2008


posted by BBY on Sep 03, 2008

dauuuum yr so fukin fine wish dat wuz me

posted by slloret on Sep 03, 2008

damn t.i is so damn sexy and i can have wateva i like dis song dedicated to me

posted by beauty baby on Aug 29, 2008

wat u doin look dat song whatever you like

posted by joniece on Aug 27, 2008

man this song is is hot and t.i. is fine u know

posted by angel boo on Aug 24, 2008

this song is mad hard

posted by cb on Aug 22, 2008

I love this song and ti is so damn sexy whoo!and i love this video

posted by suga babie on Aug 20, 2008

Gd gd

posted by nunyabizahlliie on Aug 14, 2008

i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by ashley on Aug 13, 2008