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Make It Happen Clip 1

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A clip/trailer of Make It Happen

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Make It Happen Poster
Make It Happen

Release Date :

August 08, 2008 UK

Studio :

The Weinstein Company

Director :

Darren Grant

Starring :

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Tessa Thompson, Julissa Bermudez, Riley Smith

"Make It Happen" stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead ("Live Free or Die Hard") in the role of Lauryn, a young woman from a small town who moves to Chicago with dreams of entering the Chicago School of Music and Dance. But after rejection and a series of misfortunes she finds herself working in a burlesque club. The club proves to be a place of conflict and self-discovery, helping Lauryn to realize that even though plans may change, dreams never do.

Tessa Thompson ("Hidden Palms") plays Dana, who befriends Lauryn after her failed audition and helps her find her way in Chicago. Julissa Bermudez ("The Startup") plays Carmen, Ruby's lead dancer who doesn't like to be shown up by anyone, especially Lauryn. Riley Smith plays Russ, the musical director at Ruby's who captures the heart of Lauryn, and who dreams of making his own music.


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whats the name of this song ? please tell me

posted by babiiiegirl on Oct 25, 2009

nice movie.. it's awesome! the soundtrack is also good and it really fits the message or the plot of the movie.. just loving ms. winstead.

posted by michelle on Nov 27, 2008