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Slipknot - Psychosocial

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Slipknot is the ߣT

posted by H on Sep 19, 2010

My name is Hawkins Stark.Psychosocial is my favourite music video.This song give the power to defeat all song in this world.I like Psychosocial because best sound of rhytem, melody, and drum.The vocalist give a great sound with baritone mode.It's so Fantastic.WOW!!!Mothe**fuck yo...!!!

posted by The Wolves Pack on Dec 05, 2009

My name is Newgate Luissenbern.This my best music video after dead memories, sulfur and before i forget.It's so metal mode and very strong.This best one of the All Hope Is Gone album.

posted by Killer A on Dec 05, 2009

always liked slipknot and there new album is just great, with there new masks also they will be heading there way back up to top

posted by L20 Carnage on Oct 29, 2009

This is a bad ass vid and hope they make bad as videos just like it and i have all the posters

posted by goth on Jul 07, 2009

i love this band no matter what plp tell u dont care about what they say. cuz i no i dont! i friggin love them!!!! >:)

posted by aice the dark angel on Apr 30, 2009

This is my favourite music video it's really great... I fucking love your music!!!

posted by Milly on Apr 21, 2009

wow awsome no words can relate on how cool this video is

posted by guy17 on Mar 29, 2009

my name is clancy scott and i just wonted to say i love your music and i love your band you all are amazing i would love to meet you all.

posted by scott on Mar 04, 2009

awesomeness. This rocks on so many levels. Note to self : must buy set of Slipknot masks...

posted by zapponappo on Nov 09, 2008

this video is baad ass. I couldnt blink my eyz soo cool...

posted by killzesy on Aug 13, 2008