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Mariah Carey - Bye Bye

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dont haete cause she's doing her thang and this is a good videos

posted by quita on Jan 12, 2009

mariah carey is the best female singer ever !!!! and this song iss the shit but this video sucks it has no genuine feeling in the video i mean shes dancing around in a bikini while she singing a song that she wrote for her own father that pased away .... whatever i love u anywayz mariah

posted by mrzz..chris brown on Aug 13, 2008

I realy like dis song. xxxxxxxxx

posted by faye1991 on Jul 26, 2008

this song is the shit

posted by jernard on Jul 24, 2008

this song is awesome

posted by nae on Jul 20, 2008

I love this song ,i have allyou cd's and and posters put in frames Mariah you rock

posted by kyla mcpherson on Jul 15, 2008

i love this song and mariah carey is thee best ever

posted by zaza on Jun 26, 2008

u know i love this song

posted by joe on Jun 18, 2008

hey, dis video is alrite but not good.... da nerd is jst dry........

posted by MeLe RoKz Ur AsS on Jun 12, 2008