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Chris Brown - Take You Down

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posted by NAYOSHA on May 28, 2010


posted by NAYOSHA on May 28, 2010

you my baby for all days"LOL" am 13 years but i adore u so much love da songs**

posted by caroline, Botswana on Nov 04, 2009

chis brown wiil always bemine no matter what do or say

posted by mizzsharrell on Aug 22, 2009

~!~ this is for chris brown ~!~ FORG!V3 &&+ FORG3T ~!~ GOD says if you dont learn to forgive and forget he wont forgive or forget what you did ~!~ ~!~ everybody makez mistakes ~!~ ~!~ yes, he made a bad one but deep down he's sorry for it ~!~ copy and paste if u forgive

posted by TEAM*CHRIS*BROWN on Apr 15, 2009

love da take u down action

posted by tikza on Mar 02, 2009

i love you so much my son loves to sing all of your songs

posted by sexy mama on Feb 16, 2009


posted by hayz on Jan 12, 2009

he can tek me down anydayyyyy haha

posted by mrs chris brown on Jan 09, 2009

oh dear lord :O

posted by baybey on Jan 05, 2009


posted by mnzjnz on Dec 29, 2008

my gawd sykes if u dnt lak my man u can jes hit de grit bioootccch

posted by j-boogie on Dec 19, 2008

woooooooohooooooooo! sexy!!

posted by shawtylope on Dec 19, 2008

I think that Chris is doing a great job and i hope he keeps it up. Some people get it good in life and some people dont so live it. Signing out peace.

posted by Nancy on Dec 12, 2008

yes bookie u can take me down any time

posted by mizz.breezy on Dec 11, 2008

Ciara's new music video is so stupid, boring and disgusting

posted by Ciara on Oct 10, 2008


posted by NINA COURCY on Oct 04, 2008

Id really lyk u 2 take me down, i love it nd i love u

posted by Lebogang 4rm SA on Sep 29, 2008


posted by shantaneak on Sep 25, 2008

i love u chris .it is me again jayne .will i love this song to beath and i wish that u can come where i live bout i dont think u now will . bye love u sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! .one love to u baby bye

posted by i love chris brown on Sep 01, 2008

he is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by chris is fine on Aug 15, 2008

i love chris brown sooo much he hot i actually love him he My babe he sooooo hot i love im sooo much ghe hot and it hi birthday on may the 5 Guys xxxx

posted by codyloveschrisbrown on Aug 12, 2008

I love this Video!! No Joke! watch it everyday!! i luvv chris brown so muchh!

posted by ..::♥C.B.WiFeY on Aug 04, 2008


posted by ..::♥C.B.WiFeY on Aug 04, 2008

god chris no ones sexier than u i love u and this video 1 word yummy

posted by mrzz chris brown 198 on Aug 03, 2008

omg it worked and dat was so kul man i love u my bf loves u 2 it was soooo hot wen u took ur top off soooo hot yum yum xoxox

posted by x0x0xlove mex0x0x0 on Aug 01, 2008

omfg y is this song not working but i love u chris brown nd i love damon 2 my bf xox0

posted by x0x0xlove mex0x0x0 on Aug 01, 2008


posted by Na on Aug 01, 2008


posted by Na on Aug 01, 2008


posted by babygirl on Jul 30, 2008

i luv that song

posted by kk on Jul 30, 2008

the video that you made was very sexy and nice at the same time

posted by janel on Jul 15, 2008

i love you and you so hot

posted by jodeci on Jul 15, 2008

This song is so hot, i think he wrote this song for Rihanna

posted by Tione on Jul 14, 2008

aja smith

posted by chris bown on Jul 13, 2008

you are so sexi and i love u baby.

posted by stacy on Jul 06, 2008

you r my sexi baby.je t'aime mom armour.

posted by stephanie on Jul 06, 2008

take u down iz such a gud video n i luv chris e iz so cute n sexi xxxxxiluvimxxxxx

posted by kim on Jun 30, 2008

I luv boo. yu are so sexy. I wanna kiss you

posted by chrisbrowwn on Jun 25, 2008

I like your song.its really good,baby boy.LOVE LA

posted by andrea on Jun 25, 2008

i love that song forever

posted by forever on Jun 25, 2008

this is my baby singing

posted by debreisha on Jun 23, 2008

why is this song not working

posted by ashiana slaughter on Jun 18, 2008