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Christmas Is Here Again Trailer

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A clip/trailer of Christmas Is Here Again

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Christmas Is Here Again Poster
Christmas Is Here Again

Release Date :

October 19, 2007 Heartland Film Fest

Studio :

Screen Media Films

Director :

Robert Zappia

Starring :

Edward Asner, Kathy Bates, Madison Davenport, Shirley Jones

Christmas Is Here Again is a musical animated tale that follows the exciting journey of a young orphan girl, Sophianna, and her unlikely band of adventurers as they help recover Santa's magical toy sack. Throughout her pursuit for the elusive sack, Sophianna teams up with a feisty elf, an ambitious young reindeer, and a fox and polar bear duo. In the tradition of The Wizard of Oz, our young heroine and her allies each discover their potential for compassion, loyalty and the importance of never losing hope.


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