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Episode 5.05 : Martin/Vallone

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Episode Premiere

October 31, 2008





Show Period

2004 - 2010

Production Company

RDF USA, Embassy Row


In Texas, the Martins pursue the American dream in their well kept home. Wife Katrina (39) and ex-marine Troy (36) value order and meticulous financial management. They always have a financial goal in mind, whether it's an upgrade to their pool or an $8,000 home theatre system. Their three daughters, Allyson (16), Charlene (15) and Emily (9), have a rigorous schedule of chores which MUST be completed by 4.30 p.m. when Troy inspects their work. Troy polices the girls and is especially hard on his biological daughter, Allyson -- who craves a closer relationship with her dad.

In Florida, the Vallone family may only have $30 in their bank account, but they are rich in karma, that is. Wife Jana (30), husband Jason (33) and their four children, Ezekiel (7), Shashamane (5), Malachi (4) and Sheba (2), live in a trailer where all four kids share a bed. Jason is a singer in a reggae band that's waiting for its big break; instead of working a nine-to-five, he devotes his time to the band. Jana cooks, cleans and home-schools the kids according to the principles of ONE LOVE. At the Vallones', Jah will provide, so if the kids want to go to the beach instead of learning spelling, Jana and Jason head to the ocean..

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