White Collar

Episode 5.01 : At What Price

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Episode Premiere

October 17, 2013


USA Network



Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

Fox Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Stefan Schwartz


Jeff Eastin, Joe Henderson

Main Cast


Six weeks have passed since the shooting of Senator Pratt, but without a full confession from Neal's father there seems to be little hope for Peter's release. That is, until Neal gets a mysterious text from Curtis Hagan, the first criminal Neal and Peter put away together. Hagan has a way to get Peter free and clear of the charges, but he'll need Neal to forge audio of his father confessing to the shooting - and in exchange, he'll also need Neal to pull a job.

Though Neal is conflicted, he knows what must be done. It isn't long before Peter is back in the arms of his loved ones, with a promotion to the head of the White Collar division waiting in the wings. But while Peter considers big possibilities for his future, Neal must hold up his end of the bargain and steal a valuable collection of Welsh gold coins from a private vault. With help from Mozzie and some borrowed firefighter equipment, it isn't long before Neal is slipping out with the coins. Yet bad luck soon puts the coins just out of reach, and the FBI on the trail. In order to make good on his promise to Hagan, Neal will have to once again stand at Peter's side while secretly working against him. But there is more to Hagan's plan than Neal first realized, and he'll soon learn that the true price of Peter's freedom will be much more than a few pieces of gold...

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Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tim DeKay
Filming on The Set of White Collar
Jun 30, 2011
Brady Smith, Harper Smith, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Filming on The Set of White Collar
Jun 30, 2011