My Name Is Earl

Episode 2.13 : Buried Treasure

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Episode Premiere

January 11, 2007





Show Period

2005 - 2009

Production Company

Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Eyal Gordin


Patrick McCarthy, Erika Kaestle

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jessica Cauffiel


Earl returned to Joy's trailer park to complete number 52 on his list, "Dig up and return buried treasure". Earl recalled how he first came across treasure in the first place and it all began when he was married to Joy and was into stealing stuff for money. Earl, Joy, and Randy ended up at the library looking for valuables.

After finding out the value of the silverware he stole, Earl decided to bury it like treasure. He needed the money, so then he decided to write a ransom note to the library. He watched from some bushes as the librarian dropped off the ransom money. Earl watched as a homeless man took the bag the money was in and watched as cops trampled the homeless man!

Word got out that Randy and Earl had stolen some expensive silverware. A con artist approached Randy at the Crab Shack hoping to get Randy to give up where the silverware was hidden. Randy agreed to sell the silverware to the con artist.

What Randy didn't know when he sold off the valuable silverware was that Joy had already gotten to it and replaced it with cheaper silverware. She was disappointed when she couldn't find a pawnshop that would take her stolen silverware. She decided to re-bury the treasure.

Darnell had a little secret from Joy. When his fish died, he decided to bury it. During the burial, he came across the stolen silverware that Joy had re-buried. Darnell took the silverware and returned it back to the library, where it had been originally stolen.

Earl returned to the library to make a cash donation in order to cross them off his list for stealing their silverware. Randy and Earl came across the stolen silverware in the library display case and realized that they had no clue how it was returned, but it was. He was able to cross the library off his list.

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