My Life as Liz

Episode 2.01 : Empire State of Mind

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Episode Premiere

February 08, 2011




Drama, Reality

Show Period

2010 - 2011

Production Company

MTV Network

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

  • Liz
  • Bryson
  • Sully
  • Cameron
  • Troy
  • Miles
  • Taylor
  • Cori
  • Tori


Liz has been transplanted fifteen hundred miles away from Texas to New York City. While moving to New York has always been a dream of Liz's, actually living there has become a little bit of a nightmare. She's having difficulty keeping up in art school and navigating the city, and is finding that her relationship with Bryson is way more complicated than she thought it would be. But Liz does discover that sometimes things have a way of working out when she least expects it.

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