Kyle XY

Episode 3.10 : Bringing Down the House

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Episode Premiere

March 16, 2009


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Show Period

2006 - 2009

Production Company

ABC Stud., BenderSpink, Kyle XY Prod., Touchstone

Cast and Crew

Main Cast


Kyle gets Cassidy to open up about Latnok's plans for the future of Adam Baylin's experiment. To his horror, Kyle learns that the secret society is going ahead with mass production of more super children like Jessi and himself: Hundreds of pods are ready to grow more babies, and Kyle and Jessi must find a way to put a stop to it. He enlists the help of the Trager family, Declan and Amanda. But with the world thinking Jessi is dead and Kyle trying to keep up with all the lies he has told, will they be able to find the secret test facility in time?

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