Kyle XY

Episode 3.05 : Life Support

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 09, 2009


ABC Family


Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Show Period

2006 - 2009

Production Company

ABC Stud., BenderSpink, Kyle XY Prod., Touchstone

Cast and Crew


Michael Robison


Bryan M. Holdman

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jesse Hutch
  • Jessica Harmon
  • Stefanie Samuels
  • Daren A. Herbert


On their way to a psychology conference, Kyle, Josh and Nicole are involved in a serious accident on the highway. With no cell phone reception and no one near to help, Kyle must take charge of the situation. Things get worse for the group when the other driver, a pregnant teenager, goes into labor and Nicole's injuries take a turn for the worse. Can Kyle and Josh take control and help the two distressed women at the same time? Or will Kyle have to choose whom to help, leaving one to fend for herself? Meanwhile, Stephen has the unenviable task of being left at home to deal with Lori and Jessi fighting.

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