Kitchen Nightmares

Episode 2.04 : Mojito's

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Episode Premiere

February 25, 2010





Show Period

2007 - now

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Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co. Prod.

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Chef Ramsay visits a Cuban restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Owners Marcelo and Kata, former husband and wife, fight about everything. After moving to Brooklyn and getting married Kata and Marcello wanted to pursue their dream of opening a Cuban Cafe. Seven years ago Kata and Marcelo fell in love, got married and decided to open up a fast food style Cuban cafeteria. Kata and Marcelo are both from Columbia.

After 5 years, they changed to a sit down style restaurant and separated. Marcelo and Kata have very differing opinions on how everything should be done. Maggie, a server says they scream at each all the time and have had to be pulled out of customer view on many occasions. Kata and Marcelo share chef duties and agree the food is good but the presentation is lacking. Chef Ramsay may have to save their marriage and their restaurant in order for Mojito's to survive.

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