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Episode 2.02 : Flamango's

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February 02, 2010





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2007 - now

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Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co. Prod.

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When Chef Ramsay visits Flamangos in Whitehouse Station, NJ, he feels like he's stepped back in time and into the rainforest. This family-run restaurant is in desperate need of a total overhaul, and with one of the owners stuck in the past and resistant to change, it's nearly impossible for Ramsay to make any improvements.

Bill Csepi thought retiring was going to be fun; however his wife Adele had other ideas. In 2005, the Csepi family decided to open a restaurant in rural New Jersey. They had an idea for a themed tropical decor, so they came up with an idea they call American Cuisine with a tropical twist.

Their 40 year old daughter Cheryl lives with her parents because she has not been paid for 3 years. Adele wanted to bring something new to the area; however most people seem to think it's not a good fit. The staff thinks Adele is rude to the staff, as well as the customers, and that's why they can't keep return customers.

She wonders why people don't see how great this restaurant is. Owners Adele and Cheryl are stuck in their old tropical ways so Chef Ramsay will have to make a drastic change in order to get them to come around.

After working with the employees on new decor, a new menu and even a new name, the owner remains skeptical and decides it might be best just to shut their doors forever. Will Chef Ramsay be able to change the owners' minds and help them turn their restaurant around, or will they just throw in the towel?

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