Jane by Design

Episode 1.03 : The Birkin

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 17, 2012


ABC Family



Show Period

2012 - 2012

Production Company

Pariah Television

Cast and Crew


Michael Katleman


Amy Rardin, Jessica O'Toole

Main Cast


Impressed with Jane's performance on the job thus far, Gray gifts her with a stunning and unique Birkin, one of the most expensive purses in the world. Jane thinks she finally has this job under control - until Gray gives her the list. This list includes numerous things Jane is in charge of doing, including running a private trunk show at Gray's house - and breaking up with Gray's boyfriend! As if that isn't stressful enough for Jane, India plans to sabotage the trunk show.

India invites a ton of people to the private trunk show and it quickly turns into an out-of-control party. Jane calls Billy who thankfully comes to her rescue. They manage to get everyone out and the place cleaned up before Gray gets home. But when Gray learns Jane wasn't completely successful in breaking things off with her boyfriend, she takes the Birkin back from Jane.

Meanwhile, Jane must deal with cunning rivals both at the workplace AND at school; Lulu is tied with her for first in class rankings, and a big test coming up could change everything. Plus, Lulu and Billy decide to get back together. Now Billy has to tell Jane!

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