Episode 6.10 : The Prisoner of Benda

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

August 19, 2010


Comedy Central


Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1999 - 2013

Production Company

20th Century Fox Television, Rough Draft Studios

Cast and Crew


Stephen Sandoval


Ken Keeler

Main Cast

  • Billy West
  • John DiMaggio
  • Katey Sagal as Turanga Leela (voice)
  • Lauren Tom
  • Phil LaMarr


Professor Farnsworth switches bodies with Amy using a new invention so that he can relive his youth. Likewise, Amy is reminiscent of her younger days of constantly eating and wishes to use the Professor's skinny body to gorge herself with food once again. Later, they find they cannot switch their bodies back with each other, because the device will not operate on the same pairing of bodies. The Professor thoughtlessly suggests they might be able to switch back to their original bodies with a third person. Bender switches bodies with the Professor (Amy's body) so he can perform a robbery without being identified. After realizing his mistake, the Professor, now in Bender's body, tires of trying to solve the problem. He decides to live a life of daring stunts and joins a robot circus.

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