Death Valley

Episode 1.12 : Peace in the Valley

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 21, 2011




Horror, Comedy, Mockumentary

Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

Liquid Theory

Cast and Crew


Peter Lauer


Eric Weinberg

Main Cast

  • Bryan Callen
  • Charlie Sanders
  • Bryce Johnson
  • Caity Lotz
  • Tania Raymonde as Carla Rinaldi
  • Texas Battle


When Billy and Stubeck meet up with a couple of vampires to discuss the peace summit meeting, they let the vamps do their jobs for them when they take care of a zombie using mind-control. Meanwhile, Landry learns that Dashell's niece Natalie was "turned" by Rico and will become a vampire after her first kill. In continuation of his peace offerings, vamp boss Santos proposes a sit-down at a neutral site with Captain Dashell. However, they don't stick to the agreement when four vampires posing as nurses pays a visit to John-John while he's in the hospital. Carla has to fight the night nurse vamp Aurora before she injects infected blood into John-John's system, but she gets help from an unexpected ally. Also a new threat is discovered at the peace signing.

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